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Business of Photography Workshop
Business of Photography Workshop

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Back by Popular Demand!
Presented by ASMP Oregon
& Todd Bigelow

Andy Batt and Michael Jones Studio
1910 NW 23rd Place
Portland, OR 97210
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Two Day Workshop
Saturday, February 11, 2017
Sunday, February 12, 2017
Both Days 9:00AM to 5:30PM

Early Bird Registration:
(Before February 1st)
ASMP Member $75
Non-Member $175
Students / OPPA Members $100

Registration on or after February 1st:
ASMP Member $100
Non-Member $200
Students / OPPA Members ID $125

The workshop addresses the core business issues freelancers consistently face.

It's now more imperative than ever for independent photographers to possess a solid understanding of managing their own business if they expect to prosper. Whether you're a veteran photographer or a newly minted graduate, today's photographers require a strong foundation in skills that go far beyond just creating striking photographs if they wish to financially sustain themselves.

Geared toward those with an interest in a career producing images for various media outlets, nonprofits, foundations and corporations, this workshop provides practical advice and information addressing the many business issues that freelancers must contend with daily, and the knowledge to help you manage your freelance career.

Todd Bigelow has worked over two decades as freelancer for international publications, corporations, non-profits and foundations, and created this seminar to share his experiences and advice on how to go beyond creating excellent images for clients to actually making a living as a freelance photographer or photojournalist.

The workshop addresses core issues that freelancers consistently face, while also recognizing new issues as they become relevant. Topics include:

-Understanding the Freelance Market
-Building and Leveraging Your Portfolio for Work
-Learning to Value Your Work
-Client Development
-Contracts: View and Analyze Real Contracts from Clients
-Contracts: Creating and Analyzing Licensing and Invoice Contracts
-Contracts: Understanding Work For Hire Contracts
-Agency or Personal Representation
-Website & Platform Options
-Copyright Basics
-Equipment Considerations & Recommendations
-Tax Issues and Choices Facing Freelancers
-Digital Asset Management via Image Workflow
-Creating Revenue from Licensing
-Combating Infringement and Methods to Recover Lost Licensing Fees
-Image Licensing Standards and Rates
-General Business Practices (home offices, assistants & insurance)
-Understanding Cost of Doing Business
-Social Media: Integration and Workflow
-Social Media: User Generated Content & Contract Analysis
-Social Media: Infringement Case Studies
-Rate and Term Standards & Negotiations

Todd continues to shoot for a variety of clients, so the workshop is continually evolving with his current and relevant personal experience to the classroom. You will leave the workshop with a sound understanding of the significant and specific business matters you will face on a daily basis as a professional photographer.

Listed by Photoshelter as one of the 50 AWESOME PHOTO WORKSHOPS Worldwide, this was one of ASMP Oregon's most highly rated events over the last three years.

More information about the Business of Photograph Workshop can be found at Todd Bigelow's blog.

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