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ASMPNY Fine Art Portfolio Review
ASMPNY Fine Art Portfolio Review

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Presented by ASMP New York

The Center
208 W 13th St
New York, NY 10011
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Social Hour: 6:00PM
Program: 6:45PM to 9:00PM

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The objective of this night is an emphasis on honest feedback that photographers rarely get. Reviewers let the photographers know things such as:

  • How is your presentation?
  • Is the work consistent?
  • What is working and what is not?
  • Each review lasts 10 minutes.
  • Photographers will wait in a line behind a reviewer they want to see. If that line is long and you see a reviewer that is available, jump out of line and go see them - you never know!
  • You will see approximately 5 to 8 reviewers, depending on wait time. There is no guarantee which reviewers you will see.
  • We recommend bringing one body of work with 10 to 20 images - big enough that they get a sense but not so big that it is difficult to get through in the time available and have time for the reviewers to respond.
  • No portfolio over 16x20 will be allowed for ease of reviewers.
  • Please be advised: A physical portfolio is required. PRINTS ONLY--no laser copies, iPads or computers.
  • Make the packing material easy to get through so as not to slow down the review. Time spent on packing/unpacking is included in your 10 minutes with a reviewer.
  • Bring leave-behinds and leave behind your ego! This is about getting advice and making connections - if someone doesn't respond to your work, ask why but don't pressure them. This might be common sense but some people start arguing with reviewers and that doesn't really work out so well.
  • Bring your resume, bio and statements. These should be easily organized because time spent searching for them is included in your 10 minutes.
  • Also remember to bring leave-behinds for the people you didn't get to see.
ASMPNY does not give out any contact information for reviewers. All reviewers are given your contact information. If a reviewer asks you to contact them, that's great! Otherwise, please don't solicit personal contact information from the reviewers. (Leave a promo!)

Registration for the ASMPNY Fine Art Portfolio Review is now open!
Register today to reserve your spot, space is limited.

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