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Just Labs Special Offer
Just Labs Special Offer

Welcome to the world of the family Labrador retriever -- the black, yellow, or chocolate dog. Labs are our pets, partners, and protectors, and no "quality family time" is complete without them. Does this sound like your dog? Then JUST LABS is your magazine! We cover their world - and yours - like no one else!

If your Lab is a partner in the field and marsh, showing each day of the hunting season why the breed is America's most popular hunting dog, then The Retriever Journal at $19.95 for six issues is invaluable.

Of course, these great dogs may fill both roles, so you'll want to take advantage of the BEST VALUE Just Labs & Retriever Journal Combo Offer: Both magazines for $34.90 -- that's 12 total issues, an issue each month of the year!

Canada $26.95
USA $19.95
Other $29.95
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